Relentless sideways progress

I hit the weights in search of relentless forward progress today, but I sort of just strafed.

I bumped bench to 110lb and it went up pretty easily for 5 sets of 5, so that was nice. Then squats: I threw another 10lb on there for 145lb, did 3 solid sets of 5 with the box– back nice and tall– then put the box away. I tried a wider stance than usual (working on hitting depth) for another set and struggled to keep my back up, and my QL started yelling at me. So I took 10lb back off, tried one more rep, and said "nope". I should probably back off on squats weight until I get my form stabilized (and my QL feels better).

I scrapped deadlifts entirely (I can save them for Friday), did some flat-backed rows, unweighted glute bridges, then had a good long stretch. Overall, it wasn’t exactly what I was looking for, but it worked.

I think about 75% of the reason my QL is so unhappy this morning was that last night I did a ton of core work, situps and leg raises and planks. That whole area is cranky. My partner was engrossed in a video game and I was bored so I just exercised next to him on the floor. What have I become? "I’m bored, I’ll do some situps."

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