Focus on form

Today’s goal was to get through my workout with good form and no injury, and I am proud to say that no QLs were harmed in deadlifting today so that’s a big win.

I bumped bench to 115lb, just 5lb shy of my old max. First 3 sets were good; then I missed the last rep of set #4, then absolutely failed at rep 4 of the last set… one of those "uhhh, help!" situations to call someone over to get the bar off my chest. Bench is kind of terrifying, but I hate to bother a spot all the time. Which is really stupid! Thankfully there was someone there to rescue me. I should start using rack with the safety bar, it’s just a pain to set up.

I went lighter with squats today (no box) and focused on keeping my back up and a good strong press with the weight back on my body. I started at 95lb, added 10lb each set, and kept good form. The last set I asked a gym staffer to check me for depth, and thankfully I was hitting it.

Deadlifts were super light, too; I figured this wasn’t the week to push it. I did a set at 135lb and one at 145lb; both were easy to pull but my attention was on unracking and setting the bar down with my back braced sufficiently to protect my QL. Wonder if a belt would help for heavier attempts…

After my Big Lifts(TM) it was time for lots of accessory work. Bicep curls, OHP, lat pulldowns, woodchops, leg press and calf raises. I’m planning to get more core work done this evening if my partner plays video games again.

I also got a chance to talk to the HIIT instructor and apologize for my rage fit. I started to make the suggestion for more modifications and she finished the thought for me, so we’re on the same page. I’m glad, I like going to her class.

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