I got dis.

The lead-up to today’s workout was filled with trepidation. Heavy squats! Getting back to deadlift! Would I keel over or pull something again? Only one way to find out…

Squats were the same format as Tuesday, 3×5/2×5, except I started at the heavier weight from Tuesday (145lb) and added another 10lb for the last 2 sets. It went pretty well. They’re getting to the point where I can’t power up, it’s a slower lift, which is a really different feel. But there’s something magical when my weight distribution is right in my feet and my back is up and the weight is back on my shoulders and everything is working together to lift that bar.

I decided a warm-up deadlift set would be best to see if my back was going to behave, so I started with 135lb and did 5. Everything felt okay, so I put another 50lb on for 185lb– which wasn’t too bad. I’m a little worried about the "can’t support the bar with your thighs" rule at the top of the lift; the bar naturally sits in my hip creases with my monster thighs below and my FUPA above. I guess I’ll just have to be careful.

I didn’t feel like much accessory work today; I did 2 sets of 10 light bench (95lb) and a farmer’s walk with 50lb in each hand. Between that and the deadlifts my hands are tired, but if I’m going to put another 25lb+ on DL I need to work on my grip. Can’t lift what you can’t hold on to…

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