HIIT: Super Cardio Edition

This morning I got myself out the door early and headed to HIIT class. We had a different instructor today, who formatted a lot of Tabata-style cardio, alternating butt kicks and high knees with lunges and squat jumps and all that good stuff. Breaks were only 10 seconds so it was intense but not complicated or super-hard from a strength point of view. Also included were walking pushups, so that should make heavy bench tomorrow a good time.

It’s funny– when I catch my breath after class I feel like I’m recovering quickly, yeah let’s do it all again! Then after 15 or 20 minutes (when the adrenaline wears off, I guess?) I start to feel a little wobbly, respiration rate goes up, heart rate elevates… It’s like a delayed reaction. Now I’m sitting at my desk, pooped.

I also had my initial weigh-in. Now, it was after class, wearing all my sweaty clothes so, you know, boulder of salt, but to the surprise of no one my weight hadn’t really gone down after a couple weeks of eating weird stuff and crying a lot. Great. But who cares; I’m going to be the only woman anywhere near my weight class so whatevs. Hopefully I can lift the most :)

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