Singles day

Kinda sore today, and in a hurry– so I decided it would be a good day to do some 1RM tests, just so I have a baseline. This gives me a good idea of where to put my opener– if I could lift it in a reasonably comfy fashion 2 weeks before the comp, around there is a good place for a confident first lift.

Bench was first. I couldn’t wrangle the rack into a configuration where the safety bar was the right height– either a failure would still crush me, or the safety bar was like 2" too high. I chose 2" too high (because the plan was to go to failure) and treated them like pauses, bringing the bar to rest on the safety bar before pressing it back up. (Less than ideal– it was a weird stopping place– but whatevs.) After 5x95lb for a warmup, I tried out singles at 125lb and 135lb, which went up okay, but 145lb and then 140lb weren’t happening. So I did a couple more singles at 135lb.

Squats were next, which required a complete reconfiguation of the rack. The weight room was busy this morning, and literally everything was being camped except for this one rack that I claimed for my own. Started at an easy 145lb, then 165lb, then 175lb. At 175 I became a little leaky. I tried 185lb and it went up with effort but I was very leaky, I had to run to the locker room. (Note to self: for comp, wear dark leggings.) I thought about 195lb but figured my pants were probably wet enough already. Gonna have to wear my Depends next time. "The Leaky Squats" might be my new band name.

Finally, deadlift. I’d been lifting way below my max waiting for my back to heal, so I approached this gingerly and braced carefully– and left the bar on the floor when adding weights so I wouldn’t have to risk unracking (it’s always putting the bar down that hurts). 185lb was fine, then 205lb, then 225lb, and finally 235lb, which took some work. I’m still concerned about my thighs, and tried to make a conscious effort to hold the bar a bit forward at the top of the lift. I don’t bring the bar up on my thighs, but once I straighten out it winds up there.

So, that’s where I’m at, T-minus 2 weeks. Heck, if I made these same lifts, I’d feel good about it! But I’m hoping to get another 5lb on bench and 10lb or maybe more on squat and DL…

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2 Responses to Singles day

  1. Nice work!! You will smash your PBs on comp day. Adrenaline will get you through. I beat my PB on everything by at least 5 or 10 kg per lift and was not expecting to at all! Good luck!!

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