So much hustle

The volume, intensity and urgency of my work has increased 10x in the last few days– my job is not the kind of job where I get phone calls at 9pm, and yet these are things that have been happening. I don’t like it, not one bit.

I carved out exactly 45 minutes to get my butt to the gym. I did some experimental squats– sets at 115lb, 135lb, and two at 145lb desperately trying to hold my form together. I’m still not feeling great about them, and tomorrow I’m going to work on some technical details– time permitting, of course. After that, it was all upper body all day– 3 sets of bench at 120lb, then accessory sets of OHP, YTWLs (omg my delts whyyyyy) and biceps. Fun times– and then I went to shower only to find there was no hot water in the locker room. Refreshing! At least I wasn’t tempted to linger.

Adding to the level of wtf this week is trying to prep for camping-diving this weekend. As of this moment, my partner is joining me; his work hasn’t tried to call him in so far. All our camping kit is stowed away so we need to dig that out, and just to add more wtf it’s supposed to rain all weekend. On top of that, I need to learn several chapters of material for my dive classwork for the review session tomorrow.

All right, that’s enough blog post– back to work!

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