Technical work

Today started early. I have to lug a pile of scuba gear home from the dive shop tonight, so I drove in to work (ugh) and, to avoid traffic, I had to leave by 5:30am, and arrived shortly after 6 (it’s not a long trip, but traffic is awful later in the morning). On the other hand, this means I got a nice early start on my day so I can bug out early too (and then drive downtown, find a parking spot, and find a coffee shop to camp out at for a few hours until my class…)
I promised myself some technical work on squats yesterday, and made good on that today with 5×5 sets of box squats: 1 at 135lb, 3 at 155lb and 1 more at 165lb. I worked hard on keeping my back up while just gently brushing the box with my bottom. My form actually felt really good and I didn’t have any problems. The bottom-brushing should’ve gotten me just to parallel, though it felt like a much shallower squat than normal. I also worked on keeping engaged at the bottom of the squat; I’m always tempted to release at the bottom to get a little more depth which causes a lot of instability.

After that I played with the leg press again– 3 sets at 200lb and another 2 at 250lb. That took some work, but it’s really amusing to push all that weight around.

Finally, deadlifts: I was tired and only did 3 reps at 205lb. It was plenty. Maybe tomorrow I’ll hit DL again before I do whatever else I’m planning on doing.

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