20 May, 2016 11:19

Somehow this always happens: everything piles up at once– the fun stuff and the not-so-fun stuff– and I wind up feeling overwhelmed. Then I go long stretches where things are slow and boring, and I start over-scheduling things again…

Yesterday I headed downtown after my workday for the scuba class review. Right after I found a close parking spot and was feeling pretty good about life, I dropped my phone and the glass shattered. So that meant that the first order of business was finding a drugstore so I could buy packing tape to keep the shards in place until it could get repaired. After that I found something to eat, did some last-minute studying, and headed to the class, which turned out to be made of… rather quirky people. Gotta dive with ’em all weekend…

I’m renting some gear for the weekend, including a 7mm wetsuit with hood and gloves because it’s cold, and I had to try on the wetsuit to ensure it was the right size. Putting on a really thick, dry wetsuit in a tiny bathroom by oneself is a great time. I think it’ll work. I didn’t pull it up all the way but it seemed to just about go over my thighs and hips with a little stretch left in it, so here’s to hoping I can wriggle into it with it wet. It needs to be snug to keep the water out, too. I suppose I can rent a different size at the quarry if it just doesn’t work. (Oh, the joys of having an unusually-proportioned body.)

My partner, who is wonderful, dragged all the camping gear out of storage and started sifting through it. I got home at 9:30 and there was a neat pile of stuff and not having to worry about that was great. I hope everything fits in the car– I also have my scuba kit, rented gear, and an empty tank to cart along. Originally I had wanted to go in my partner’s Miata rather than my car– yeah, no, there’s no way, not in that tiny trunk.

Today I’m working a half day and then I have to go to the Apple Store to get my damn phone fixed ($$$) and to the grocery store to buy hot dogs and marshmallows and whatever else we’ll eat while camping. (Partner has requested cans of beef stew. Whatever floats his boat.) Then everything should get put in the car, because we gotta leave early tomorrow (it’s like a 3.5hr drive).

Oh yeah, and I went to the gym today too! 30 minutes on the elliptical because I’m afraid of being sore.

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2 Responses to 20 May, 2016 11:19

  1. Gingerzingi says:

    Looking forward to reading about your dive.

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