Deloading and deciding

I went to the gym earlier than usual this morning and felt like, "dang… I was just here!" It’s weird being there in both the afternoon and morning.

I’m a little sore (mostly in my upper back, thanks to the effort to get my shoulders back during that 265lb DL) and I kept it light and targeted today: split squats, bicep curls, pec flys, kettlebell swings, wood chops and situps. Then 10 minutes of stretchy yoga and off to the showers.

Anyway, with the comp past, it’s time to figure out what I want to work on next. I think I’m going to stick with lifting for now, with an occasional side of HIIT thrown in for funzies, and rarely a run or long hike and yoga as needed. You know, I enjoy running, but the fact is I can run a billion miles and only get marginally better, while I seem to be naturally good at lifting and make real, significant progress at even moderate training levels. Not that I’m advocating doing only the things I’m good at, or avoiding things because they are hard– but let’s see how far I can go with lifting heavy stuff, it’s fun!

My parents called last night to talk about wedding plans (do I really need a cake-cutting knife?) and I mentioned the comp and my dress fitting and my mom exclaimed, "You’re going to have big back muscles showing in your wedding dress!" Yes, mom. Yes I will. And it will be glorious. And then my dad piped in, "As long as you don’t turn into a no-neck." Oy, thanks.

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