Thank Goodness It’s HIIT? Or should it be TGIHIIT since HIIT is already an acronym? Anyway.

I googled a HIIT sequence and built it out to roughly 30 minutes, with warmup and cooldown. 2 sets of 45s work, 15s rest, then 1 set of 1:00 work, 15s rest, 1:00 inbetween sets. 7 exercises: pushups, kettlebell squats, butt kicks, tricep dips/kettlebell tricep raises when my shoulders complained, side lunges, jumping jacks, situps. It was good. I’m a little wobbly.

But I’d better hurry up and recover, because I’m off to Florida this weekend to hang out with my friend and go diving on Sunday. Yes, diving 2 weekends in a row! This is the life. I think that, because I haven’t spent enough money on dive kit, I need to invest in some specialized dive luggage that fits my fins. They only fit into my most giantest suitcase, and I am not dragging that shiz to Florida for just a weekend. I accept that I’ll have to check a bag, but it’s not going to be a giant one, especially when I’m getting to the airport by public transit! So I put everything but my fins into a smaller luggage, and I stuffed my fins into a backpack that will serve as a carryon. About 3" of fin sticks out the top, and I’ve bungee-d the zipper snug so they stay put. Please, Southwest, please let me take that as a carryon. It’s not big, just a little long.

I’m really happy that my first "grownup" dive on my own is happening soon after an intense weekend with an instructor who was a stickler. Gotta ingrain good habits!

And the results from the comp this week are in! Surprisingly, I did not lead the women’s totals– I missed it by 10lb. A woman in the 140lb class (!!!) squatted 40lb heavier than me, though I had her beat by 10lb on bench and 20lb on deadlift. I wish I had seen her session! I think she competes seriously, too.

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