Little intervals and dive trip report

I got back from my trip late yesterday, so I decided to work at home today. (It really is a nice perk.) No gym, wanted a workout, and it’s a nice day so I decided to go out to run a Zombies, Run! interval workout. It’s been a while since I’ve run any distance– seriously, I ran just 5 miles in May, and my only consistent running has been 3-minute treadmill warmups– so I wasn’t expecting a great performance, but I got chased by zombies for 2.1 miles in 27 minutes. I ran on the hilly route, and I kept having to remind myself that I’ve got these big honkin leg muscles so I should use them rather than trying to use my hips and back to swing my legs around.

So the curse was finally broken: I flew down to Florida and dove on the Gulf coast there. No torrential rains or wind this time! Since it was a holiday weekend the well-known sites were mobbed, so the captain decided it was a good time to check out a couple relatively unknown ledges. This was not goliath grouper territory, sadly, but we did get to see lots of fish, soft corals, a big crab, a bunch of little crabs, a sea cucumber, and these really neat sea stars that are spindly and cling to coral fronds.

Since I was on my own, I was buddied with the divemaster. Every time he saw something cool he would get my attention to come and see it too, which was nice. Plus he knew where he was going and we always wound up back at the ascent line. (If it had been just me, I would’ve stayed closer to it; visibility was good but it was easy to lose the line and I tend to get lost and I didn’t have a compass.) It was a pretty chill dive and we had good bottom time.

My rental gear was surprisingly nice. I like it when that happens, because eventually I’d like to get my own BCD and regulator, so renting gives me a way to try out different kinds. I think a regulator and a dive computer are going to be my next big kit buys (or maybe birthday present requests).

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