What a day, what a lovely leg day!

Oof. I had a 10am meeting so I hustled to the gym first thing, with plans for an intense leg-and-butt session. The fact that I was rushed actually worked to my advantage. I didn’t have time to flop around and hate my life between sets, I just had to get ’em done.

Superset #1
Squats – 2x5x155lb, 2x5x135lb
Lunges – 4x12x(12.5×2), each side
Leg press – 12x(200,250,200)

Superset #2
Glute bridge – 3x10x45lb
Straight-leg deadlift – 3x10x135lb

I had tentatively planned some isolation exercises too, leg curls and extensions and calf raises, but I scrapped them, since it would’ve taken too long. Besides, my calves got a workout running yesterday (I can feel it).

Now, I shall use my standing desk for as long as I can manage to try to keep my posterior chain from tightening up. C’mon rubber bands, don’t fail me now…

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