Pulled every which way

My gym posted pictures from the little comp and in all of them, I noticed my shoulders were terribly rounded under load. Hey, guess I found a systemic weakness– my upper and mid back aren’t balancing out my chest. Couple this with my poor shoulder flexibility and yeah, this is something I should work on.

I’m also trying to figure out how I can keep up a steady training load when I only have access to the gym Tuesday-Friday. Most 4-day programs aren’t designed for 4 days in a row, then 3 days off. I have access to a few dumbbells of varying weight at home, and I can do bodyweight work of course, but there are still a few things that are hard to get to.

Anyway, today’s workout was focused on arms, shoulders and back pulling motion. Lots of rows and pull-downs. (Some of these motions are hard to get to at home, since the force vectors are in weird directions…)

Barbell rows – 3x5x85lb
Lat pulldowns – 4x10x37 (37 whats? I have no idea, thanks machine)
Seated row – 10x(50lb, 20lb, 20lb) I had to go lighter on this one to get back squeeze
Cable face pull – 3x10x80 (the cable machine lacks units too)
Bicep curl – 3x10x20lb each side
Bent-over one-armed row – 2x10x25lb, each side

I borrowed most of this from a website but it had like 3 biceps variants in the workout. I get it guys, you want HUJ biceps. Just one variation is plenty for me.

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