Friday push

Happy Friday, everybody! Maybe the push-pull-legs system is supposed to go from targeted to more general to ease into the DOMS, but I can’t face the idea of a leg day on Friday and DOMS all weekend so I flipped it. The result is that everything is sore now. Good job me?

Anyway, push. This focused on chest and shoulders and triceps and upper back, and it was pretty quick. I like having more big lifts and fewer accessory ones (fewer reps and more work is nice).

Flat bench press – (115, 120, 120)x5
Overhead press – (65, 70,75)x5
Incline bench press – (85,95,90)x5
Dumbbell lateral raise – (8,10,10)x10 each side
Rope pushdown – (60,70,70)x10
Skull crushers – 35x10x3
Cable shrugs – (17.5, 27.5,37.5)x10

This workout was full of load hunting, since a few of these exercises were totally new to me. Incline bench was weird and I had no idea how to load it– 85lb felt easy, so I tossed 105lb on there and failed spectacularly (thanks safety bar!) Lateral raises suck– if I don’t do them at just the right angle, my shoulder sockets pop (ugh). And how the heck are cable shrugs supposed to work? I can’t figure out how to get a trap/upper back squeeze out of it. My arms don’t move that much. Maybe dumbbell shrugs are better.

Hopefully I’m not too sore, because it’s SWIMMING SEASON and the pool is open on weekends so I’m going to get some laps in. I feel like I should grab something floaty and do several laps of diver-style surface swimming too (sitting position in the water, kicking to propel me backwards) because long surface swims gave me so much grief in the quarry. (The 20lb of weight, tight wetsuit and all the gear weren’t helping either!)

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2 Responses to Friday push

  1. Gingerzingi says:

    I get an elbow pop on some overhead moves that I don’t like. Maybe more of a twang than a pop.

    Don’t think I’ve ever done cable shrugs.

    • G says:

      Yeah, it’s not painful, just unpleasant. Maybe I can use the lateral raise machine instead.

      I’ve always been wary of shrugs in general– even without focusing on them, my traps are pretty built up. But I wouldn’t mind having stronger lower traps to get that nice shoulder blade support. Now how do I isolate just that part (or maybe, how do I get over having big shoulders)

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