At-home leg day HIIT experiment

The vital question: how can I keep up with a 6 day/week program when I can only get to the gym 4 days a week, and I have very limited equipment at home? Well, today I tried out a leg HIIT workout that I can do in the stairway of my 2nd floor condo.

Between my partner and I, we have a few dumbbells: 2 5lb, 1 15lb, 1 45lb, and 2 55lb (he bought the heavier ones for bicep curls, the light ones are from me). Either the 15lb or the 45lb would have to work!

I settled on 3 sets of 5×1:00, with 0:15 rest between work intervals and 0:20 between sets, and a last set of 5×1:00 for core work. The leg intervals were step-ups each leg, seated thrusters, squats and straight-leg deadlifts. I started holding the 45lb dumbbell, but after the first set I decided it was too hard to keep up and switched out to the 15lb. That made it easier, but I was having a hard time with my lower back hurting during some of the exercises. I tried to slow it down and activate my glutes more, and that helped.

Once those 3 sets were done, I hustled upstairs in the rest interval and got ready for the core work: crunches, leg raises, plank, crunches, leg raises. My abs were burning! I was shaky-legged and sweating everywhere after the workout, so I guess I can call it effective.

I guess the take-away here is that home HIIT works and I can do a leg workout with minimal equipment. I might pick up a 25lb dumbbell though, and it’s pretty quad-focused so maybe something like resistance bands might help hit some different angles.

Tomorrow I might be able to do a push workout, but I don’t think I can do pull without equipment so I should save that for Tuesday.

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