Home shredding

The second of my home workout experiments is upper body push, focused on my chest, triceps and shoulders. It seemed pretty successful, despite the limitations of having just a yoga mat, an exercise ball, and a very small selection of dumbbells.

This exercise guide is pretty handy. I selected push, dumbbells and body weight, and sorted by rating and that gave me a nice place to start.

  • 1.5-armed DB bench press on ball – 3x10x45lb each side
  • Crunches on ball – 3×20
  • DB power snatch with triceps extension – 3x10x15lb each side
  • DB shoulder press – 3x10x15lb each side
  • DB lateral raise – 3x10x(5lbx2)
  • Knee pushups 3×10

The first set of bench press I managed with just one arm, but missing the stability of the bar, and on the wobbly ball, I decided to use my non-working arm to help support the working arm so I didn’t lose control of the weight. Ideally it didn’t do any lifting, just kept the working arm in place. Those 45lb DBs feel really heavy…

The power snatch/triceps extension was kind of a catch-all. I love power snatches, but I usually do them heavier. With a lighter weight, the hard work was the triceps extension. Not sure why I kept them combined!

Today I did lateral raises with bent arms. Theoretically this keeps the load focused on the shoulders, rather than recruiting back muscles. I dunno. My shoulders didn’t pop, at least.

And I finished with knee pushups because my shoulders and triceps were tiiiiiired. I don’t think I would’ve gotten 3×10 regular ones.

It’s been interesting to see how engagement with my blog has dropped off since I started blogging about weight lifting and not running. The cynic in me wants to say that people get more excited about “fat woman runs 5k!” than “fat woman bench presses a bear!” because running is associated with seeking weight loss and that’s theoretically inspirational. I would get drive-by likes and comments all the time! Now that I’m blogging about lifting I feel like I’m shouting into the void. Not that I blog for attention (it’s really just to keep track of my workouts!) but it’s very quiet…

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