Leg day, then nap time?

This morning I dressed in my gym clothes, got on the train, and upon getting to work immediately headed to the gym. Since I had a 10am meeting, I figured it was best to get my workout done promptly.

It was a long one, and having the time constraint meant no time to stop and think about things. (This is a blessing on leg day, I think.) I warmed up with a quick 3 minutes on the treadmill, and then it was a lot of work:

Squats – 4x5x155lb
Lunges – 3x10x(20lbx2), each side
Leg press – 3x10x250lb
Glute bridge – 3x10x65lb
Straight-leg deadlift – 3x10x135lb
Leg extension (machine) – 3x10x70
Hamstring curl (machine) – 3x10x70

First thing: I hate lunges. They’re probably good for me, but my limited hip flexibility always means I have to be careful (remember that time I pulled a hip flexor doing lunges? not fun). Plus my damn toes hurt! Second thing: ugh glute bridges. My mid-parts are tender thanks to the impending RED TIDE and resting the bar there was not fun, especially since I added more weight today. A bar pad only helps so much; at the end of the day, I’m still setting 65lb on my uterus. Third thing: why are squats so terrible? I can do heavy singles all day long, but give me a set of 5 and I’m grinding out the reps at light weight. Argh.

[food stuff tw] I’m also wondering if I might help my recovery by eating more. I’ve been gently tracking lately and hitting my protein and macro targets so that’s going fine but maybe I should bump it up some. This is one way that relying on external cues for my eating is sub-optimal– normally I would ask myself "am I hungry?" and if so, I’d eat. But putting a bunch of outside rules on my eating makes it a lot harder to tell what my body needs.

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