the gym is music time

Pull workout today. I finished it in a reasonable amount of time time, despite layering it with a 10-minute fast run for warmup and a block of yoga at the end (did that ever feel good!)

Today’s musical selection was Haken’s newest album, Affinity. It’s not the best for gym music, it really needs a little more attention than I can give it when working out…

My lifts were strong today; I need to think about adding some weight in places.

Barbell rows – 4x5x90lb
Deadlift – 2x5x205lb
Bicep curl – 3x10x20lb
Bent-over row – 3x10x30lb
Lat pulldown – 3x10x35
Seated row (machine) – 3x10x60
Face pull – 3x10x80

I’m tired and sore all over. This 3-day rotation seems like it ought to give me enough time to recover, but really it just means I’m always hurting somewhere and dragging. Saturday’s a day off… maybe I’ll go swim and get sore again…

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