An active weekend: hike, swim, repeat

This weekend has been jam-packed full of fun activity! It started Friday afternoon, when I decided a recovery walk would be nice. The walk turned into a hike when I walked a mile to the trailhead and turned onto the trail– which also turned into a trail run, as the sheer joy of being out in the woods moved me to go faster.

That evening, I texted friends asking if they wanted to go to the farmer’s market Saturday morning. They replied “Sure! Want to go hiking with us before? We’re heading out at 8am.” So my partner and I joined them for a very nice morning hike; we spent 2 hours doing an out and back. Then we all went to the farmer’s market, and then after that they dropped off their veggies at home and came back to hang out at the pool. It worked out pretty well– my friend is a water person like me, and her husband and my partner are not. So we swam around and chatted and they stood in the shallow end and chatted.

And today I was back in the pool first thing, swimming laps. I surprised myself– usually I swim sets of 1o laps, catch my breath, drink some water. Today I swam 30 in a solid block, swimming for 44 minutes straight without breaks. I suppose all this shoulder work is paying off in the pool? I felt like I could’ve kept going for a while longer.

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