Toughest leg day yet

Today’s workout required 3 different musics: the 10-minute treadmill run warmup was the new EP from the band now known as Kyros (was Synaesthesia, but they weren’t the first with that name so…) The big lifts were Arch Enemy (one of the few growled metal bands with a female vocalist, they’re great) and then the accessory work was Arena (do you think I’m a neo-prog fan? naaah).

Squats – 5x(155lb, 165lb, 175lb, 180lb)
Leg press – 3x10x275lb-ish (never sure how to record leg press– this is not including the sled?)
Glute bridge – 3x10x95lb
Lunges, rear foot elevated – 3x10x(2x20lb), each side
Leg curl machine – 10x(80,90,90)
Leg extension machine – 10x(80,90,90)

I didn’t have my usual leg day time constraints, so I had time to go heavier and grind it all out– and it was in fact a grind, but I’m really happy to have added weight to everything (okay, except for lunges, which continue to kick my butt for some reason).

I feel 1000% better about squats lately– finally, I seem to have gotten over that mental block. I realized that I’m getting damn close to squatting my weight– and my eyes got really big and I had a new goal to chase.

The only issue I had today was that working so hard left me a little bit light-headed at times. I’m always Valsalva’ing to brace my core and eke a little more power out… must breathe more…

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