Friday laps

I’m working at home today and the pool’s open weekdays now, so that means FRIDAY LAP SWIM! I spent half an hour using my tired, tired arms to drag me back and forth across the pool. It was nice to get in the water, but my shoulders and biceps are still pretty fatigued from yesterday’s workout.

Swimming is a weird workout. I try to push myself a little bit, but it’s really challenging for me to get to a level where it feels aerobically hard, probably because I’m limited by the amount of air I can take in. If I push too hard, I just run out of oxygen and have to slow down again.

I wore the lap suit that chafes my inner arms, and it didn’t chafe. Not sure if that’s because my arms are different shape, or the suit got softer, or what.

Tonight I’m going out to a local microbrewery with friends and I’m stressing about food (and beer). Since when do I stress about food and beer? This stupid eating plan is getting to me. Plus I’m 2 months in and I can’t tell any difference. And it’s summer and all the wonderful fruits are coming into season and really, I’m going to not eat all the strawberries and peaches? On the other hand, the wedding is 2 months out so I feel like I ought to just stick with it. Argh.

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2 Responses to Friday laps

  1. Gingerzingi says:

    Restricting food sucks. Even a moderate, non-crazy eating plan still gets on my nerves, so I feel you.

    The times when I have lost weight, it took a long time to show up. Like, I’d be 8 weeks into something without the slightest change and then all of a sudden it starts. For me, it’s like there’s a two-month investment period before I see returns. IF I see returns, that is.

    • G says:

      Hm. I’m not looking for giant changes, or even permanent changes, really, just a bit of definition. I don’t think I can get a lot farther by trying to add more muscle– I already have lots– but it might be nice if the muscle was more visible. It’s totally cosmetic vanity.

      I suppose I’m not ready to give up on it yet! We’ll see if I can get any new changes.

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