Sunday twofer

This weekend has, for some reason, felt glorious and long. I think it’s because I went out on Friday night and then the rest of the weekend was chill. It’s felt almost like having a 3-day weekend. So nice.

Today I got a leg-and-core HIIT workout in the morning, and in the late afternoon I went to the pool and swam laps for half an hour, too. I tried for a harder lap swim; the first set I kept a strong turnover, and in the second set I did some breath exercises. It was chaos at the pool, though. The lifeguards are pretty ineffectual at enforcing any rules– parents arguing with them that their kids shouldn’t be kept out during the adult swim, kids in the lap lane– and I don’t know where they are most of the time, there’s supposed to be 3 but I only see one. I just want to swim my laps without worrying about running into a kid– I’m looking down, not in front of me.

Or maybe I’m just getting old and cranky.

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