Dem quads

It feels like I just had leg day… here’s another one. Never ending leg days forever!

Squat – 5x(165lb, 175lb, 180lb, 180lb)
Leg press – 3x10x275lb-ish
Glute bridges – 3x10x115lb
Machine leg curl – 3x10x90
Cable wood chop – 3x10x27.5, each side

I skipped lunges (because I did them yesterday as part of leg HIIT, and they sucked) and machine leg extensions (because I have a great big bruise on my shin and it hurts like the dickens, pushing a weight with it is the last thing I want to do). There was no shortage of quad work, despite skipping those.

My 10-minute run warmup had my hamstrings barking, but it seems to be a really good lead-in to heavy squats. I always feel better lifting heavy after a hard warmup, although sometimes it feels like I need a warmup/cooldown for my warmup!

Speaking of squats, they’re coming along– I’m surprising myself every session. I had some form fails towards the end of sets, where I tip forward and wind up using my back too much, but in general I’m feeling good power transfer through my heels. The slightly narrower stance seems to help a lot.

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