Darn men and their testosterone

Push day today. Felt long and grindy. I’m also really tired, so that’s probably not helping!

Bench – 2x5x130lb, 2x4x130lb
Overhead press – 4x5x75lb
Narrow-grip incline press – 3x5x75lb
Tricep/skullcrushers – 3x10x45lb
Shrugs – 3x10x(30lbx2)
Machine lateral raise – 3x10x40
Rope pushdown – 3x10x90

I asked J to spot my last bench set, since I only made 4 reps in set #3. When I failed the last rep (predictable!) he pulled only one side of the bar to help lift it– which caused me to almost drop the other side on myself. Gonna have to go over Spotting 101 with him, maybe…

OHPs felt a little weird in my lower back; I suspect something’s not right there, but I’m not sure what to do about it. And incline bench is still annoying and I hate it. The setup is so awkward. Maybe I can find a replacement lift.

My arms are probably tired due to doing pushups along with my partner last night. It makes me peeved; I’m in the gym like every day, while he kind of moves some dumbbells around every once in a while when we’re watching tv. Yet he can bust out 25 full pushups, and I’m lucky to get 10 full or 25 knee pushups. Darn testosterone, darn power-to-weight ratio. Actually he’s been pretty lucky… when we first met he was a skinny guy, and shortly after his work installed a gym he started going to lift weights, ate a ton, put on a lot of mass. Then he stopped lifting for a couple years, gained a bit of belly, but he’s kept all his muscle, despite hardly using it.

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2 Responses to Darn men and their testosterone

  1. Gingerzingi says:

    Oh, how I resent that testosterone. It’s the same story with Hrodebert—I work so much harder than he does, whether it’s to lose fat or gain muscle—with about a quarter the results. He does a workout once, seriously ONCE, and has new muscle to show. And that’s why I’m a total sexist when it comes to division of chores that I don’t want to do anyway. “YOU take out the trash with your stupid muscles. YOU carry the heavy groceries.”

    It’s only fair.

    • G says:

      My fiancee is muscled but… fragile? He whines if we hike long distances; he always manages to pull something if he carries heavy stuff. I need to toughen him up.

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