Grumpy pulling

Today’s hurried Wednesday morning session was a pull workout. My shoulders are sore, which shouldn’t be a big deal, but it turned out to be a pain. I tried to keep them quiet.

Barbell rows – 4x5x95lb
Deadlifts – 2x5x205lb
Bicep curls – 3x10x20lb, each side
Bent-over rows – 3x10x30lb, each side
Lat pulldowns – 3x10x35
Machine seated row – 3x10x60
Face pull – 3x10x90

Good gracious, I am a GRUMP today. My brain is keeping a running list of the people I’d like to stab. (First is the building maintenance guy using a drill 2 cubes down.)

So I don’t feel like I’m writing about important topics as much as I used to; my blog posts are more like "this is my workout and this is how I feel about it" these days. Most of my brain cycles are caught up in work, lifting, and wedding; I figure wedding posts should be few and far between (though seriously, I could write a new rant every day) and work stuff, well, I don’t want to write about that so much. If anyone has any questions, writing prompts, things they are curious about my opinion of, let me know…

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2 Responses to Grumpy pulling

  1. Gingerzingi says:

    Ha ha! My blog is nothing but “this is the workout I did,” “this is the workout I didn’t do,” “Here’s some stupid work stuff.” It’s not very entertaining, but at this point I’m really just in the habit of daily writing. I suppose I could keep an offline journal, but there’s something satisfying about having it online.

    I for one would love to read about wedding rants. Rants are my favorite thing – I use my blog for them so that I’m not unkind or impatient or angry with people in real life who don’t deserve my rage. I can’t tell you how close I’ve come to slapping someone who kept saying “based OFF OF” instead of “based ON.” No one deserves physical violence because of that, and thank goodness they also don’t get to slap me for my annoying habits. But I still need someplace to complain.

    Also, although I wasn’t particular about my own nuptials, I’ve always found other people’s stuff interesting. I’ll listen forever as a bride-to-be tells me all about her venue, the bridesmaid gifts, bouquet vs. corsage for the groom’s mother, secondary and tertiary colors, the groomsmen’s vests, etc. It’s one of those very rare instances in life when you get to create an entire… milieu, I guess, and it’s kind of cool the different worlds people create. At heart, I’m a frustrated wedding planner.

    In other words, write whatever you want. I’ll read it :-)

    • G says:

      You are far too kind :) I’ll have to include more rants to keep you reading!

      And I fear I’ve used “off of” on occasion. Sorry!

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