Swim swim

I wrapped up my workday, ran a bunch of errands, and then had a little time to get in the pool before I had to start dinner. It was a good workout– I swam for 45 minutes, interspersing easy laps with harder laps and including things like breath work.

When I arrived at the pool, the lifeguards were sweeping some white, powdery chemical into the filter, right at the end of the lap lane. I have no idea what that stuff was… It might have been a buffer like baking soda, or who knows what else… My parents had a pool when I was growing up; I have some knowledge of pool chemicals…

Speaking of my parents’ pool, we lived on a dirt road in the middle of nowhere. We had well water, and there was no way that crunky well would give enough water to fill up a pool! Well, it turns out that milk tankers from nearby farms have to wash their trucks out, so my folks bought the rinse water to fill the pool. I don’t remember it being milky at all, at least…

It was always my job to vacuum out the pool and scrub algae off the liner (I was teenage when we got the pool). Living on a dusty dirt road wasn’t doing it any favors. And somehow little water bugs got in, with air bubbles on their heads that flipped along with their long legs. They were fast and hard to catch!

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2 Responses to Swim swim

  1. Gingerzingi says:

    On a different subject, how close was your choice from a year ago to your real-life decision?


    • G says:

      Hah! I really, really wanted a dress like #8. But since they didn’t exist, I settled on something more like #4, but without the sweetheart neckline and with less tulle and more lace. It’s strapless BUT it’s a proper corset so everything stays held up. I go back in for fitting #2 in a week…

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