a post with lots of lists

Back in the gym today after a 100% rest long weekend. The weather was too cruddy to go swim or run. On the plus side, I got some projects done and we hammered out another wedding errand (wedding bands get!) Today’s workout was a push, and it was hard as hell (ahem, might have something to do with the sangria at last night’s bbq, eh?)

Bench press – 4x5x130lb
Overhead press – 4x5x75lb (this was dang hard today)
Narrow-grip incline bench press – 3x5x75lb
Triceps – 3x10x45lb
Shrugs – 3x10x(30lbx2)
Lateral raise – 3x10x40
Rope pushdowns – 3x10x100

I’ve been feeling a tightness around my elbows and knees during and after workouts, like the joint is crowded. It’s an odd feeling, and I’m not sure what to do about it?

So we hosted lunch and D&D with friends this weekend and it’s becoming obvious we have an issue with too much food, especially since everyone leaves the leftovers with us! There are 6 of us, and this is what we had:

Couple #1 – brought the actual lunch, tacos and beans
Person #1 – brought a 3lb bag of tortilla chips and a literal VAT of 7-layer dip (thanks Costco)
Person #2 – brought 2 bags (at least 6 pounds) of cherries, 2 containers of cranberry cheese spread, a baguette, a dozen doughnuts and a container of light Cool Whip (?)
Couple #2 (us) – rhubarb cake, plate of cheese and pepperoni, crackers, green pepper slices

Now, I get that folks use this as an excuse to buy their favorite snack foods. (Person #2 just goes to the store hungry on the way over, and buys everything that looks good.) But somehow I’m going to have to encourage people to limit the amounts of stuff they bring, because they refuse to take it home with them. A weekend of eating nothing but leftover beans and 7-layer dip is not doing me any favors. And I don’t want to be faced with the choice of either eating up a lot of crap, or throwing it away.

We have another game session in 2 weeks. Maybe I can just keep all the leftovers and set them out again… (no, that is gross ew)

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