Quick and clumsy

Something was going on with the train this morning, so I arrived at work a little late and immediately went to the gym to get everything done before my 10am meeting. I wound up cancelling the meeting, but I still get the sense of accomplishment for hustling through my workout.

Squats – 2x5x175lb, 2x5x185lb (reppin my previous max! woot)
Leg press – 3x10x275lb-ish
Glute bridge – 3x10x115lb
Leg extension – 3x10x90
Leg curl – 3x10x90

When I arrived there were 3 guys in there using all the racks, so I waited for them to finish their sets. The guy using the squat rack finished up and started unloading the bar, and I ran over and asked him if he was done, and if so he could leave it because I’d only need to change out a couple plates (the 45s can stay!) As I was pulling 25s off the bar he asked if I needed help… nah buddy, I think I got this, thanks though.

But… as I was unloading the bar after squats, the last 45lb plate stuck on the bar as I tugged on it– and I wound up pulling the bar off the pegs on the other side, then it crashed down onto the safety bar, then the other side fell, then the one safety bar bounced off its pegs, then the side of the bar clattered to the floor, and then the other safety bar came off too… it was like a clanking heavy metal cascade of fail, and I just stood and watched in horror. The gym staff came running to make sure everything was okay, and I explained that the plate stuck… and that guy chimed in "yeah! that thing is sticky, can you guys fix it?" It was a small comfort in my embarrassing moment that he was backing me up, at least.

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