Grips and grumps

Another sore-shouldered pull workout this time. Recovery is hard, ok?

Barbell rows – 4x5x95lb
Deadlift – 2x5x215lb
Bicep curls – 2x10x25lb, 10x20lb
Bent-over row – 3x10x30lb
Lat pulldown – 3x10x37
Seated row – 3x10x60
Face pull – 3x10x90

I did deadlifts 10lb heavier than usual and wore my hands out, which made everything else fun because they’re all "grip and pull" exercises. Just picture me stalking around the weight room, shaking my hands out after every set, being grumpy and muttering "You can’t lift what you can’t hold on to". Still, I did bicep curls and lat pulldowns heavier today, which was nice because I’ve been stuck on those for a while.

Speaking of grumpy… So as J and I were headed down to the gym we joked about forgetting to put critical things in our gym bags. And I was slowly filled with a sense of dread as I thought about it… because I forgot something today, actually. No underwear. The wooooorst. Thanks to leaky deadlifts, my gym-going unders weren’t fit to keep wearing. My period is due to start any second now. And I’m wearing a knee-length dress. Thankfully I wore a short-slip pettipants under the dress so I’m not totally commando, but I still feel exposed and uncomfortable. Ugh.

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