Stick a number on it

I’m teleworking today and, since the weather is unsettled, I decided to take a half hour at lunchtime and go to the pool to swim laps before it started storming. It felt harder today than usual. My shoulders are tired, and I tried to get more power out of my legs when I’m used to letting them be a little lazy with kicking. You’d think that with all the upper-body work I’ve been doing, swimming would get easier and more fun. That hasn’t been the case so far this summer.

Meanwhile, I’m trying to pin down the last chunks of wedding stuff. Fitting #2 is next week. I’ve got the final RSVPs (so happy, I don’t have to chase anyone down) and a date for my partner’s dad to take us booze-buying*, so it was time to estimate how much we’d need. We’re doing just beer and wine, and I figured 1 drink per adult guest per hour, 50% beer/50% wine drinkers (with 1/3 red and 2/3 white; it’ll be hot). And since kegs are enormous and I want to get 2 different varieties from a local microbrewery, it’ll be 2 kegs, 15 bottles of red wine and 3o bottles of white (assuming 750mL bottles) and at least 15 bottles of sparkling wine for toasts. We’ll probably have leftovers, especially since quite a few guests don’t drink. Leftover booze. Shrug!

Then I need to figure out the number for the rehearsal dinner and start calling up places to see if anyone can accommodate the party. My mom has really been trying to make some suggestions, but there’s a big difference between what passes for “nice” in rural Michigan and what’s “nice” on the fancy-schmancy east coast where my partner’s family is from (and they are hosting this party).  “How about this golf club nearby? They have a great all-you-can-eat fish fry on Fridays.” Umm, not really… What is the etiquette for rehearsal dinners, anyway? I always thought they were bride and groom’s family, attendants, and out-of-town guests. Which is basically half of the wedding guests (even considering that we have no attendants). I hate to leave the out-of-town folks to fend for themselves, though!

* This actually has amusing details, but I don’t want to put it in the post– if you want to hear about it, I’ll talk about it in comments!

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3 Responses to Stick a number on it

  1. Gingerzingi says:


    We didn’t have a rehearsal dinner (nor have I ever been in a wedding, can you believe it?) so I have no experience of what’s appropriate. I guess, given that the groom’s family is hosting, it’s up to them to decide who to invite. I think that’s what Miss Manners would say.

    I wanted to have just beer and wine, but my mother wanted us to have a full bar. Not a cash bar, FREE booze! The catering was the only thing they payed for, so in retrospect I think they might have felt a little guilty about being so uninvolved in their only daughter’s wedding, and made up for it with liquor…

    • G says:

      I figured you would. ;) So my partner’s dad is retired military, and has access to the base exchange. So he’s going to buy many many cases of tax-free booze at the BX and then drive it across several state lines. Does this sound like a good idea? I’m not sure it is. (I’m also worried that all the wine won’t fit in their large SUV along with 4 adults and their luggage…)

      With my partner’s attending family, my parents and grandparents, the officiant and her family, and us, it’s 19. I think that’s plenty. It would either be like 50 if the rest of my family is invited! Can’t invite one of them and not all of them.

      Well, at least your wedding must’ve been a bangin party? :) I’m not sure how many of my family would drink liquor if I offered it. I suppose if they really want it, there’s always a party store up the road? They’re welcome to the ice and soda (and if they gave the bottle to the bartender, she’d probably serve it to them).

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