drag-ass leg day

Today’s workout took me for-ev-er to get through. On the plus side, though, I have a new gym PB for squats: my last set was 5x190lb. And for some reason I decided to do deadlifts today instead of during tomorrow’s pull workout (my haaaaaands). My back was already tired from the heavy squats so they were a little lighter.

Squat – 2x5x175lb, 5x185lb, 5x190lb (!)
Deadlift – 2x5x205lb
Leg press – 3x10x275lb
Glute bridge – 3x10x115lb
Leg extension – 3x10x90
Leg curl – 3x10x90

My boss has project money to hire a scientific programmer, someone more on the data side than the science side, and I was helping him put together the position ad. Have you guys ever read those studies that say that men will apply for a job if they have like 50% of the qualifications, but women won’t unless they have nearly 100%? My boss insists on keeping language in there that this person needs to have a "deep understanding" of the science around the data– which they absolutely do not need, to be able to wrangle the data. He says that people will apply if they’re close enough to what we ask. Men might…

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