Swim swim swim

Today is a busy day! I slept in a little, then test drove some cars, then came back, swam laps, cleaned up and now we’re getting ready to meet my fiancee’s folks for dinner.

The lap swim was okay. It’s a nice day and the pool is full of kids, who kept hanging out in the lap lane and the lifeguards weren’t doing anything to get them to move. The lifeguards aren’t doing much of anything, actually; the one today was more interested in playing ball with kids than paying attention to the pool.

When I wasn’t dodging kids, I swam for about 30 minutes, nothing too heroic. I really should learn to do a flip turn; right now I’m kind of coasting into the wall, dropping my feet and twisting around, then kicking off the wall to go the other way. Flip turns seem so graceful…

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