Feeling beat down

I feel cruddy today– I slept poorly all weekend and not only am I dragging, but things hurt. In particular, my feet hurt! I have no idea why, either. Well, unless it’s doing my 10 minute warmup runs in ancient running shoes causing strain? I guess I can take a pair of running shoes to the gym and swap them out after my warmup– its just so fussy to have to use two different pairs of shoes (I don’t want to lift heavy in good running shoes, it wears them out fast! )

I ambitiously queued up my leg-and-core HIIT workout and by the second leg interval my feet were twinging with every impact. I stopped and stood there for a bit debating as the interval counted down, and decided that it was enough. I got out the yoga mat, did a few sun salutations and related stretches, and called it good.

It’s always a challenge to differentiate between stopping a workout early because it’s hard and I feel kind of lazy, and stopping because I hurt. Fitness stuff is so hardcore these days; as a general philosophy, HIIT and Crossfit and boot camps tell us to keep on going even if it sucks. There’s value in that toughness! But some days it’s refreshing to take more of a restorative yoga point of view and retreat into child’s pose and recover.

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