can’t recover if I can’t sleep

Pull day started with a 15 minute run at a leisurely pace on sore, sore legs. "What’s good after leg day? I know, let’s go for a run!" Oooh, it was a drag. Then I started in on the rest:

Barbell row – 4x5x95lb
Bicep curl – 3x10x25lb
Bent-over row – 3x10x30lb
Lat pulldown – 3x10x37
Face pull – 3x10x90
Seated row – 3x10x70

Someday I’d like to be able to bump the weight up on barbell rows. Someday.. Don’t know why this is such a tough one for me! It’s time to put more weight on the bent-over row, and another 10 on seated row was hard. I did make it through all 3 sets of bicep curls at the new, higher weight, this time– yay!

I haven’t been sleeping well lately. A few months ago, I started taking a little 3mg melatonin before bed, and it seemed to help a lot– I could finally fall asleep in a timely fashion! That bottle ran out, and I couldn’t find the same kind, so I went to 5mg– and I swear it doesn’t work. I ought to just wean myself off it altogether; I’m pretty sure it’s not meant for everyday use.

Usually, if I can’t sleep in the bedroom with my partner for whatever reason, I take my pillow and blankets to the guest bedroom and fall asleep promptly after that. Not lately! I toss and turn for hours more.

We go to bed at 10:30pm and I’m realizing that, if I can’t get to sleep until 2am, I’m wasting 3 hours that I could be using for something productive. That’s probably not the best attitude to take.

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6 Responses to can’t recover if I can’t sleep

  1. Gingerzingi says:

    You know I also have problems sleeping. Sometimes I can pin down the cause, sometimes not. But I did eventually realize that the unquiet brain – the thoughts running around like squirrels in my head at 2 am – is almost always due to a physical cause. Sometimes I’ve eaten something that’s irritating in some way, sometimes I’m achy or stiff (often due to workouts). And recently I’ve become aware that it might be an effect of sleep apnea; that can be the physical cause that’s waking me up and giving me squirrel brain.

    I’ve had good results with the melatonin. I take the 5mg. Can you break them in half?

    • G says:

      I might try a half. I forgot to take it last night, though, and fell asleep easily (but I was also very tired). I’ll experiment.

      It might be something physical. I usually sleep on my side, but lately I’ve been avoiding that because if my knees are achy from a workout, sleeping that way can aggravate them. And of course there’s always the snoring that keeps me up. ;)

    • G says:

      Last night I took a benadryl (“when you absolutely must fall asleep(TM)”) but it didn’t work. Stressing over wedding drama. I think I finally fell asleep around 1:30-2am. Fun times…

  2. W says:

    I started using a meditation app (Calm) to help me fall asleep, especially when I’m stressed. I hope you find something that works for you!

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