Flip turns, whaaaaaaaat?!

I ran some errands this morning and got back just about when the pool opened, so I put on my suit and went down to swim laps before anyone else showed up. Unfortunately, someone else had the same idea and arrived before me, so I had to wait my turn.

But then I had the bright idea that this would be the perfect time to finally try doing flip turns in a low-pressure environment– I wasn’t actually swimming laps, so I could just take my time and experiment. A few days ago I watched this video, which was really helpful in breaking down the turn, so I followed those steps.

Well, the first thing that happened was I got the entire pool of water up my nose. I’m usually fine with breathing out through my nose but I couldn’t quite get it. After several unpleasant bouts of sputtering I remembered that my partner always uses a nose clip– so I ran home to borrow it. And it worked! (I hate not being able to breathe through my nose, though. Hopefully I can figure that out.)

As it started to gel, I put the steps together and swam across the short deep end a few times, flipped, swam back, flipped. Biggest problem was, with a 3stroke pattern, I kept getting out of breath– the short lengths didn’t give me a lot of time to catch my breath after the flip. Switching to 2 strokes/breath helped a little. It was hard to determine where to start the flip– too close and I got all tangled up, too far and I couldn’t kick off. And gauging my depth when I was gliding on my back was tough; I kept angling down and having a much longer time than I wanted getting back to the surface (not helping with the out of breath!)

I practiced for nearly an hour (that other person kept swimming laps on and off the whole time, too) and now I’m exhausted! It was so tiring. But I think I’ve kind of got it. I’m going to watch that video again now and see how to get better.

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