Lowkey workouts

My motivation is still nowhere to be seen, but the fidgets required I do something over the last couple days. So: lap swims, long pokewalks, and today a proper yoga practice for the first time in what feels like forever.

I’ve barely been even stretching after my lifting endeavors, and I wasn’t sure yoga would work at all– my range of motion has decreased in a few places and I was never very flexible anyway. But after I got 15 minutes into my favorite Youtube yoga, things kind of settled down. (It only took what felt like a thousand sun salutations.) I didn’t push twists too hard, let my warriors be a little less forceful, and surprised myself by being about as good at pigeon as before. (Which is to say, terrible.) And before I knew it, it was time for shavasana and things were okay.

Yesterday I went out for a pokewalk with a mission to hatch a bunch of eggs. I should get an award for 4 hatching at once!  My step counter logged 4.7 miles overall, and I was walking around for almost 2 hours in the stop-start Pokemon Go way. It was hot and muggy but I took along $2 so I could stop at a Wendy’s and get a little Frosty. I took it to the neighboring shopping mall and walked around in the air conditioning and hit some more pokestops, then headed home. (Deep suburbia: Where there’s a mall within (long) walking distance, but it doesn’t have any sidewalks going to it.)

I also talked it out with my mom. It was pretty simple actually; I apologized for not telling her sooner, she apologized for getting so upset, and we moved on. I’m thankful my family doesn’t hold grudges.

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3 Responses to Lowkey workouts

  1. Gingerzingi says:

    Glad that worked out with your Mom. Sorry, somehow I missed that post and had to read back to see what it was you hadn’t told her about. I think you’re right; the ceremony is for you and your partner. But yeah it’s difficult with religious parents. My mother is Catholic and my father sort of went along (some kind of Protestant or whatnot, I don’t know) and it never really freaked them out that I wasn’t married in church or a religious ceremony, because deep down they didn’t think an atheist whore such as myself deserved that. LOLOLOLOL. So that’s cool, it cut down on the drama :-)

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