Fueled by sweets

T-minus about 3 weeks and I am so off the eating weird stuff wagon. With my morning coffee today I enjoyed a sweet that my partner’s mom made, a kind of Okinawan doughnut. And I had lots of energy for my workout today! It’s funny how that works.

Bench – (4,5,5,4)x135lb
Overhead press – 3x5x65lb
Tricep – 3x10x45lb
Shrugs – 3x10x35lb
Lateral raise – 3x10x45
Rope pushdown – 3x10x100
Pec machine – 3x10x100
+bonus assisted pullups/dips

Increasing bench to 135lb wasn’t bad at all, I was surprised! I focused in on grounding my feet and engaging my back and the sets went up pretty easily. Half the hurdle for this was was psychological; it looked intimidating to me. Tomorrow’s squats bump is also going to be tough to get my head around! Fingers crossed. I know I can lift the weight– just gotta do it.

I still miss running, though. I did a long warmup today, a 15-minute treadmill run. It was tempting to just stay on there.

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