Disappointed in dancing with dad

Extra hard work on leg day today. I didn’t slack on any of the main lifts, though in the interest of time I opted out of leg curls and extensions. My back is a little tweaky, though on the opposite side of the old injury. Hopefully it’ll quiet down.

Squat – 2x5x185lb, 2x5x190lb
Deadlift – 2x5x215lb
Leg press – 3x10x300lb
Glute bridge – 3x10x115lb

There’s just a few weeks left to go until the wedding (AAAAAAHH) and I’m working on wrapping up the biggest loose end left: music. We picked a processional and recessional for the ceremony, we’ve got our first dance song (though it’s 7:30 long and we’d like it to be around 4– I spent last night hacking it up in Garageband, to mixed results) and today I asked my dad what song he’d picked for the father-daughter dance (which I never wanted to have but that’s beside the point now I guess).

So my dad has excellent taste in music– he raised me on a classic rock regimen of quality stuff like Queen, Jethro Tull, Led Zeppelin, Moody Blues– and some of my fondest memories with him were just hanging out listening to records. I was hoping he’d pick something really cool, since he was so excited about it! Instead he picked a song called I’ll Dance With Cinderella, and it’s Christian Contemporary pabulum/princess-daddy stuff. I’m disappointed.

I guess I’m mostly disappointed because the song doesn’t at all reflect the kind of relationship we have. I’m close to my dad, but not in a Daddy’s Little Princess way– I was more likely to be helping him fix a car, or keeping him company in the shop. He taught me how to be self-sufficient: before I could get my driver’s license, he made sure I could change the oil and rotate the tires. I know my way around power tools, too! Thanks to my dad, I can take care of myself, and he always encouraged me to get my hands dirty. So this princess-waiting-for-a-prince-but-practicing-with-daddy stuff really doesn’t resonate. Well, at least I probably won’t have to worry about losing it in a sentimental moment…

It probably reflects my dad’s increasing conservatism and embrace of what he thinks are traditional gender roles, too. I’m supposed to be a princess and he’s supposed to protect me until he hands me off to my prince. Blech.

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4 Responses to Disappointed in dancing with dad

  1. Gingerzingi says:

    Ugh. Sorry about the dance. There could be a whole slew of reasons why he chose that, not least of which might be that if he didn’t choose something like that, it could appear to family and friends that he didn’t cherish and love and protect you in the required princess-like way, and he wouldn’t want the family and friends to think you weren’t cherished.

    I dunno. I’m going to assume you know your father better than I do :-)

    I deduce by his musical taste that we are approximately the same age.

    • G says:

      He probably just heard it at someone else’s wedding or in church and thought it was appropriate, what you were ‘supposed’ to do. He’s always been one to do what’s “traditional” rather than trying to push the envelope and be creative. Ah well, I’ll have to put up with some schlock for a bit, it’s not the end of the world.

      My dad is pretty young by the standard of dads of people my age– he’s 57, so he grew up in that golden age of ’70s rock.

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