Training thoughts

Ah, everything is sore! Between leg day and some other activities everything is a bit unhappy today. Nevertheless, I went to the gym and tried as hard as I could for today’s pull workout. Now I’m stiff and sore again.

Barbell row – 4x5x95lb
Bicep curl (ez bar) – 3x10x45lb (I guess the bar weighs 25lb)
Bent-over row – 3x10x35lb each side
Lat pulldown – 3x10x37lb
Face pull – 3x10x100
Seated row – 3x10x70

As I was doing the seated row, it struck me that it was basically the same movement as the barbell row, so I’m wondering if the extra accessory work is really worth it. I mean, almost everything in today’s workout is some kind of row, but most of them work different angles and methods, except for those two.

I’m starting to think about changing gears again… I’ve been doing powerlifting training since April and while it’s been nice steady gains, I’m thinking about training for a Thanksgiving race again and I know that running training and lifting heavy don’t mix well. I just hate to give up something that I’m still progressing with and that I’m naturally good at, for something that comes much harder.

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3 Responses to Training thoughts

  1. Julie says:

    Your strength training should be very beneficial for running – it’s essential really to avoid injury. Can you not do both?

    • G says:

      I’ve tried– either I half-ass both, or I do one well and dabble in the other. I can’t squat 200lb while running 5 distance workouts a week, for sure! I’m sore enough with just the squatting and running less than a mile for warmups :)

  2. fasterfastest says:

    I feel your pain. I recently shifted my exercise focus from strength training to running because life was getting in the way of getting a really good strength workout in. It’s hard to choose, but I think once you settle you’ll be glad you focused. Good luck!

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