not an Olympian

I can’t help but get excited about the Olympics this summer, despite everything going on in Rio. The athletes are still doing their best!

Me on the other hand, I’m happy just to get in the poll and swim a few laps. I got to the pool only seconds after the lifeguards arrived, and spent half an hour swimming. The first set of 10 I did flip turns in a very mediocre way, and the second set I gave up on that and just turned around in whatever way I could.

We were watching the women’s 400m IM and saw Hosszu completely destroy the record– and then heard the male commentator crow “And this is the man responsible” and  I just stood up and shouted at the TV. No, the woman who just lit the pool on fire was the one responsible. That guy just yelled a lot.

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1 Response to not an Olympian

  1. stephieann8 says:

    I get so hyped for the Olympics. My body wants to go out and do all the stuff but then remembers it is out of shape!

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