Not in any condition

Today is a nicer, slightly cooler (where cool == 86F) and less humid day than it’s been lately, so this morning was looking good for an experimental run. I’ve hardly run outside at all in months, so I was expecting this to be tough– and it was. I am not in cardio condition, and I am not in heat condition. I ran 5k on big hills in just over 41 minutes– my only consolation was that my big ol’ quads were happy to slowly push me up the hills. Still, there were long walk breaks and after 2 miles I felt really overheated with a pounding headache. Now– cold shower, cold drinks, and fan.

I let my run tracker stay in the background and took advantage of the distance to hatch a few eggs in Pokemon Go– I just turned off sound and notifications and ignored it until something hatched, while my tracker gave me information by audio.

Thanks to Olympic swimming I’ve been thinking about hydrodynamics again, and why the fastest swimmers are all tall and flat. The hypothetical shape that has the lowest drag coefficient is an infinitely long flat plate… couple that shape with long, flexible arms and legs and big hands and feet that can move a lot of water and you have a recipe for something that can move easily  and fast through the water.  Me, on the other hand, I’m shortish and curvy. Alas.

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