taking a NOPE day

Most of yesterday was no fun: getting overheated during my run led to a monster migraine that put me out of commission in the afternoon and evening. Ugh. Exertion migraines are buttholes, because the whole time you’re kicking yourself "why did I do that??" I don’t like regretting workouts!

Even after a (poor) night of sleep the headache lingered, and today I dragged myself to the gym to get started but my head was pounding after my warmup. I struggled through my bench set and OHP and decided that was enough for today. I crossed out all the other accessory lifts in my notebook with a big "NOPE" and wrote in "nice yoga and stretch" and that’s what I did.

Bench – (5,5,5,4)x135lb
Overhead press – 3x5x65lb
Nice yoga + Stretch

I am much sorer than I ought to be, and my neck and shoulders feel like they’re scrunched up around my ears. The stretching didn’t do very much, but I can function at least. The only thing that helped yesterday was my partner giving me a neckrub, focusing on where my neck and skull meet.

I didn’t get good rest last night either; I was up way past my bedtime stressing about ceremony music to meet a deadline the officiant had set. I had been putting it off. Music is really hard– I like all kinds!– and the processional music was giving me grief because I had been kicking around one song in particular but kept dismissing it because it was kind of weird. I think I listened to every song in my massive iTunes library that was between 1:30 and 3:30 long, trying to find something better. Finally I found a version of that one song I thought would work, said "F it, this is what we’re doing", and it turns out my partner had it on his computer so it all worked out. And then I couldn’t sleep because I was all wound up and my head hurt.

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