just the workout, ma’am

Quickie post today– blogging time is short! Here’s what I did. It was a cool and fun pull day.

Barbell row – 4x5x95lb (this went well today)
Bicep curl, ez bar – 3x10x45lb
Bent-over row – 3x10x35lb, each side
Lat pulldown – 10×37, 2x10x42.5
Face pull – 3x10x100
Assisted pull-up: 7×110, 7×120, 10×120 (the dang pull-up bar is too big for my hands to get around)

Okay, now to see how much more work I can get done in a sprint to the end of the day…

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1 Response to just the workout, ma’am

  1. Nice! You definitely give me workout envy whenever i read your posts. Strength training is supposed to be a focus of mine but I NEVER seem to actually do it. Grrr!

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