Half a push day

First of all, WOO HOO! at Sarah Robles, who took weightlifting bronze in Rio with a 286kg total! I’ve been following her story for a while, and I’m so happy for her! And I love this quote:

“I didn’t have to conform my body or my ideals or my looks to get where I am,” she says. “I have a bronze medal and I was able to be myself, embrace my body, do the things I’m naturally fitted to do to help make my dreams come true.”

As for me, I kind of half-assed my workout today. I was sick over the weekend– not sure what’s going on but I suspect my body’s fighting some kind of infection, since I had aches and chills and fatigue and still have a sore throat. C’mon body, don’t fall apart on me now! I’ve still got another week and a half to go!

The lifts I did were pretty weak and I felt barfy after each set. Not quite enjoyable.

Bench – (4,4,4,3)x135lb
OHP – (5,5,8)x65lb
Tricep – 2x10x45lb
Lateral raise – 2x10x45
Pecs – 2x10x100

I did manage to get my new car last week, though! It’s a Mazda3 and wow, cars have sure gained a lot of bells and whistles since my last car from 2005. I sync’d my phone and now whenever I get in the car it starts playing music from my phone. And it starts with a push button. The dealer guy had to remind me to press the clutch– it wouldn’t start with only the button. I’m terrified I’m going to leave the key in the car, too.

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