What’s in a name?

Thursday’s workout, same as Wednesday’s workout: a nice solid 30 minutes’ run followed by 15 more on the elliptical. Thursday’s legs were definitely more tired, though, and I’m realizing that my obliques do a lot more work when I’m running than when I’m lifting. Such a weird soreness! Tomorrow I think I’ll do something else.

So I’ve opted not to change my name after getting married. I’ve had this name for 37 years, worked and published under it for 15, and frankly changing it would be both a bad career move and a pain in the butt. It’s been a lot of explaining, though! (Most amusing was my 84 year old grandmother who has Alzheimer’s and doesn’t remember things; I got to experience her about it shock multiple times because she asked me what my new name was over and over.) Plenty of mail has been arriving for G HusbandsLastName. I’ve decided to roll with it and not insist on being addressed correctly– it’s really not a big deal, unless it’s on something official.

The traditional American way of handling women’s last names is really kind of awful. I had a long discussion about it with my rather conservative mom, who finally came to the conclusion that women lose their identity upon being married and that sucks.

And I never knew there were such a variety of different rules about marriage and names around the world…


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3 Responses to What’s in a name?

  1. That’s awesome! I got into an argument with a friend (I was in his wedding) because he was adamant his wife take his name, but couldn’t fathom ever taking hers.

    I asked what I should do if I ever get married (to another man) and he had no clue. It’s time for these default patriarchal “traditions” to die.

    On the flip side, I did wedding invitations for a woman who was so excited to take her husband’s last name, went from 17 letters to 4. And having hand written all of her invitations, I was excited for her!

    • G says:

      17 letters, that must’ve been quite a name!

      We thought about doing a compound name– we both have one-syllable German last names, and mine starts with the letter his ends with. Kinda glad we decided not to go there :)

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