The end justifies the means, sometimes

I wanted to give the bottom half of my body a little break today, so no running! I started off with 10 minutes on the rowing machine, which was much harder than I remembered it being. After 5 minutes I was wondering if I could handle another 5! But I managed, and then went on to some light lifting, bench and OHP and triceps. Also harder than I remembered…

After all that, it was time for nice yogas: a simple, quick flow starting with a few sun salutations and then going on to warrior 1 -> warrior 2 -> proud warrior -> side angle -> high lunge -> longish pyramid -> triangle -> revolved triangle, on each side. I should do more yoga…

So a major theme of my posts before the wedding was friction with my mom, who was extremely personally invested in this big party. It got pretty intense as the day approached; she did thoughtless things like scheduling the tent delivery at the rental house when other people were still there ("Oh, they won’t mind!") A very uncomfortable call to the property owner finally convinced her that yes, it was actually a problem, and she had to scramble to reschedule the tent delivery at 9pm the night before and the tent company was very unhappy. I helped with the setup and artsy-craftsy prep as much as I could handle, but wound up checking out on a lot of things and making myself busy away from her. Still, she was yelling for me every 10 minutes and it got old fast. I snapped at her more than I’d like to admit.

After the wedding, though, she apologized to me for being overbearing and I apologized for being short with her and we both agreed that it went off really well. I said she did a great job organizing everything, and really meant it. So I guess the moral of the story is, everything is temporary and the end result tends to smooth over the difficulties in getting there.

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