Not what it used to be

Remember when HIIT workouts used to be my funzies day, my “yay I’m not lifting’ workout? Now they just suck. 3 weeks of not working out has sapped both my motivation and my fitness and everything is hard and I hate it.

40 minute HIIT, 3 supersets, 15 sec between exercises, 20 sec between sets:

  • Set 1: Butt kicks, weighted squats, bicep curls, OHP, step-ups– 1 min each, 15lb weights
  • Set 2: Ball crunches, leg lifts, plank, ball crunches, leg lifts– 1 min each

The saddest part was how wimpy my core’s gotten– set 2 was brutal. And I didn’t do any activity over the weekend, yet I’m still achy today. Why?

In the plus column, though, we have plans to go backpacking and backcountry camping next weekend! I’m super excited. I’ve backpacked a bit, and my friend’s husband is experienced, but my friend and my husband haven’t before. It’s an easy hike in– the campsite is just 3 miles from a parking lot, so hopefully they can ease in to the experience, and if it’s awful it’ll be quick to bail. Hopefully the weather is good!

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