Building up miles

Even if it sucked, I get to count today’s slog towards my mission of adding mileage this month. My typical 5k training puts me at 50-75 miles/month, and a jump from like 20 miles of short runs to 50+ miles on a longer plan is a bad idea…

But this morning’s stupid treadmill run was awful. For some reason, my quads and hamstrings are utterly trashed (I will not believe that one session of HIIT with 15-lb squats did me in!) My hip flexors are also unhappy, but I’m pretty sure that’s the leg lifts’ fault. I struggled through my slow 35 minute run with one walking break in the middle.

Also, I’ve forgotten that I turn into a bottomless pit for food when I’m running… I need to go find a snack…

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One Response to Building up miles

  1. Being on a training plan for an upcoming 10-miler, I forgot how hungry I get when I consistently run and work-out. Still trying to keep my calories down, but I get so ‘rungry’!

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