Hitchy hips

Yesterday I felt sore and awful, and I spent an hour in the evening doing yoga to try to open up my hurty parts a little. My abs, hip flexors, and IT bands are super unhappy. Then I slept on it, and hoped that I’d feel better the next day.

Well, this morning I went to the gym in a time crunch and hopped on the treadmill. After 10 minutes I reluctantly slowed to a walk due to pain in my hips still. I did another 15 minutes on the elliptical– no pain there– and then had to shower and run to my meeting.

(tw: stupid weight talk) So after giving up on my pre-wedding almost-keto diet and taking a break from lifting, I’ve gained 5 pounds and I feel loafy. Did I mention that I didn’t lose any weight on that almost-keto diet anyway? It’s not fair to "gain it back plus friends" when I didn’t even lose any. Stupid diet; I should’ve known better.

And now to have problems doing the cardio I like to do? It’s making me very frustrated.

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