Soupy out there

Blech, what a soggy run! It rained until 3pm and even then it was 71F and 100% humidity… but I needed to get a run in so out I went. I came back soaked, since nothing evaporated. Gills would’ve been appropriate.

Anyway, it was 5k in 40 minutes going up and down the big hills. Slowly but surely, I’m getting my running legs back. Still, I walked up the biggest hills which didn’t do wonders for my pace.

(warning: PG-13 talk ahead) So I think I know what’s causing my hitchy hip (and on this run, my right hip and back of leg was unhappy): sexy times. I have poor hip flexibility to begin with and certain positions aggravate it, plus the, er, best times tend to involve emphatic muscle contractions. I mean, it’s not a bad problem to have, I guess? I’ll just have to adjust positions and see if that helps.

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